The Band

David Jasmine (Sticks)

David Jasmine (Sticks)

Guitar, Vocals

Born in Watton-at-Stone near London, currently resides in London.
Plays: guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, vocals.
Listens to: The Beatles, David Bowie, The Fall, Elvis Costello, Madonna.
Likes: quantum mechanics, traveling, David Icke, Jeremy Clarkson.
Dislikes: supermarket checkout queues, TV commercials, warts, religions, the Illuminati, and chocolate ice-cream.

1986 - won a talent competition at secondary school (drums) with Trevor (guitar/vocals).
1986 -1988 - played drums in numerous bands.
1988 -1998 - played guitar as a solo act in the countries he traveled to, eg. France, Germany, Belgium, China, Thailand.
1994 - 1995 - studied music and music technology in Edinburgh.
1998 - 2000 – guitarist/vocalist in band ‘Crush’, with which he released his first album in Poland (Polskie Nagrania).
2000-2008 - songwriter for many well-known artists in Poland and abroad including Blog27, Ala Boratyn, Agresssiva69, Hania Stach, Papa D, Gosia (2003 Eurovision), etc.; contract with EMI Music.
2008 - present - a member of ‘THE FEW’ (electric guitar/vocals)

Maciej Bielecki (Bondzior)

Maciej Bielecki (Bondzior)


Born in Warsaw, where he still resides.
Plays: bass, guitar, vocals.
Listens to: Jaco Pastorius, Jamiroquai, David Bowie, Marilyn Manson, The Cure, Pink Floyd.
Likes: esotericism, numerology, psychology, good films, traveling, chess, snowboard, whisky, and beautiful women.
Dislikes: hypocrisy, TV serials, radio, getting up early, modern trends and fashion, the rat race.

He started playing guitar when he was a teenager, being strongly influenced by Metallica. Later he changed to bass, which he plays faithfully. He played bass and guitar in a few Warsaw-based bands. Since 2008 he plays bass in “THE FEW”.

Trevor Jones (Trevski)

Trevor Jones (Trevski)

Guitar, Vocals

Born in London, currently resides in Cambridge, UK.
Plays: guitar, drums, bass, piano, vocals.
Listens to: The Police, Sting, Coldplay, James Morrison, Elton John, Fleetwood Mac.
Likes: Cheescake, motorbikes, more cheesecake, nature, Native American philosophy, and cheesecake.
Dislikes: speed cameras, CCTV, tight trousers, and brussel sprouts.

1986 - won a talent competition at secondary school (guitar/vocals) with David (drums)
1986 -1989 - played drums in the rock band ‘ORKAN’ supporting Suzi Quatro
1989-1995 - played guitar and sang in duo, covering the London acoustic circuit: The Mean Fiddler, The Garage, The Orange, The Red Eye, etc
1995 -2000 - guitarist/vocalist in 6 piece acoustic outfit ‘Tear’, playing Glastonbury Festival (2 years running), Earth Spirit Festival, The Big Green Gathering, and many others.
2000-2008 - solo singer/songwriter
2008 - a member of ‘THE FEW’ (guitar/vocals). Also writes and performs with singer/songwriter Bianca Ross, playing The Riko Arena in 2019, and is the founder member of The All One Project.

Marek Cjajkowski

Marek Cjajkowski


Born in Warsaw, where he still resides.
Plays: drums, vocals.
Listens to: David Bowie, Prince, Michal Urbaniak, Madonna, U2, Tadeusz Nalepa, Voo Voo, Malenczuk, Big Oxen Band.
Likes: the films of Polanski, the novels of Nienacki, friends, bridge, nature, high mountain hiking, biking, traveling, wine and garlic.
Dislikes: chocolate, falsehood, hypocrisy, comfort, globalization, Church, TV serials, mass-entertainment, commercials, wastage, extravagance.

He studied Environmental Protection at Warsaw Agricultural University and he is an expert in environmental protection.
He started playing drums in 1998. From 2003 onward he’s been a member of the band "Leonoff”. Since 2008 he’s played drums in “THE FEW”.

…our story so far

Two young boys at school, spending every lunch break in the music room playing drums and guitars and dreaming of being rock stars, winning a talent show together aged just 14 and 15 – little did they know that some years later Trevor Jones and David Jasmine would meet up in Warsaw, and the fruit of their combined passion for music would be the beginning of a new band.

Meanwhile, Drummer Marek Czajkowski and Bassist Maciek Bielecki were looking to form their own group. The meeting of the four resulted in the birth of “The Few“.

The Few is a culmination of Polish and English talent; bringing together the best of British and Polish influences. With distinct, catchy, uplifting pop-rock music, The Few are well on their way to populate the many!


David, then contracted to EMI music publishing, finds his old pals’ (Trevor) music website and invites him to Warsaw to showcase his songs. Within 7 days, they were writing songs together and joined by Maciej and Marek The Few was born.


A visit to Pink Crow records in Warsaw with a demo proved fruitful, as later that same week The Few find themselves in discussions with Universal Music (Poland) Chairman Andrzej Puczyński, who offers to help… The Few begin to record their first album at the prestigious Izebelin Studios.

Later that year, The Few are finalists at The Top Trendy Festival, Sopot, playing to a live TV audience of 2.9 million.


Due to personal reasons, the band decides to go their separate ways, but now, after 11 years…  they are back!


Planned recording… more to come!


The Few – I FIND ME – Live at Migawka, Warsaw

The Few – SHINE A LIGHT – Live at Migawka, Warsaw

The Few – SO MANY PEOPLE – Live at Migawka, Warsaw


The Album

The Few

The best release this summer!

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